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When you stay at Next House Copenhagen, you live right in the heart of Copenhagen and near many of the most popular neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for delicious food, art, culture or a great place to go out, the possibilities are endless. The best thing about Copenhagen is that it is a diverse city, with something to suit everyone's taste, style and budget.

The entire city - Just around the corner

We have gathered some of the best experiences you can get in Copenhagen, so you can get inspiration for what you should do when visiting Copenhagen. Whether you are away with friends, family or on a romantic trip for two, there are lots of fantastic experiences, which are either within walking distance or a short trip by public transport from Next House Copenhagen.

Neighbourhood Guide

Next House is located near some of the most hip and popular city districts in Copenhagen.

We guide you to what is worth experiencing in the different neighborhoods of culture, food and city life.

Experience a vibrant and diverse city, with experiences for all tastes!

Events in Copenhagen

See our guide to some of the best events taking place in Copenhagen.

We have gathered some of the best music and cultural events you will not want to miss when you visit Copenhagen.

Find the perfect experience for your stay in Copenhagen.

Eat and drink

Copenhagen has a plethora of food experiences to offer that will satisfy every food lover's and foodie's taste buds - no matter what their favorite food is.

We have collected some of our favorites for you.

Stay cheap in Copenhagen - Close to where it happens

When you stay at Next House Copenhagen, you not only get a great stay in a real luxury hostel - you also get one of the most central locations in Copenhagen at a cheap price.

Many of the most popular places to visit in Copenhagen are just within walking distance, and the Central Station is just around the corner, where you can easily and cheaply get around all of Copenhagen by train, bus and metro.

So whether you want to go sightseeing, or experience all the little hidden gems around Copenhagen, you have it all within reach!




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