Top 5 Cultural Festivals

No matter what time of year you visit Copenhagen, you can often find many exciting cultural festivals around the city. Get to know the city, the history or each other at all the different festivals which takes place during the year. You can find festivals that centers around art, history, lifestyle and much more. We have made a top 5 of some of the most exciting cultural festivals you can experience in Copenhagen.

Golden Days Festival

Golden Days Festival is one of the major annual cultural festivals in Copenhagen, which every year centers on a new cultural-historical theme. The festival manages time and time again to showcase art, culture and history in an exciting and captivating way where everyone can participate.

If history and culture set in unique settings sounds like something for you, you will no doubt find their many different events worth a visit.

Copenhagen Art Week

Copenhagen Art Week is an art festival with a focus on contemporary art. The festival's goal is to make art more visible and accessible, as well as create conversation and community around the importance of art for all. Around the city, the various museums, galleries, project rooms and other exhibition venues unfold, showcasing the best in contemporary art, so you can be challenged and inspired.

The Culture Night

The culture night takes place all over Copenhagen, with many exhibitions, concerts, tours, talks, performances and much more. There is something for every interest, whether you are into art, culture, history, design, fashion, music or whatever your heart may desire. With a culture pass you'll get to access to it all. You also get free transport by bus and metro, both of which are right next to Next House Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Pride Week

On 12-20 August 2023, this year's Copenhagen Pride will take place, which is the largest human rights and LGBTQ + festival in Denmark. Every year, are the streets of Copenhagen covered in rainbow flags in a tribute to diversity and human rights. 

A large parade is held through the city, as well as events are held centered around the LGTBQ+ movement around Copenhagen. Many of the festivities are held on Rådhuspladsen, which is right around the corner from Next House Copenhagen. Pride Week 2023 will run from 12 - 20 August.

Copenhagen Light Festival

Every year during the winter months, the Copenhagen Light Festival transforms the city into a glorious celebration of light art.

Around the city, you will be able to spot a number of unique light installations, which light up the city. You can find installations all around the city from both international and Danish artists.

Copenhagen Light Festival takes place from 3 - 26 February 2023.