Music Events in Copenhagen

Are you mostly in to rock, electronic, pop or are you just looking for a great atmosphere and cool experiences? Then Copenhagen is full of all the best music festivals. Festivals are a very central part of the vibrant cultural life that is in Copenhagen, and which helps to make the city a fantastic travel destination. We have focused on some of the biggest music festivals that take place every year in Copenhagen, where there definitely is something for every music taste.

Distorsion Street Festival

Every year there is a grand party in the streets of Copenhagen, when the electronic music festival and street party Distorsion starts. The whole vision behind Distorsion is to move the music and the party into the urban space. Every day during Distorsion week, the party moves to a new district, where music scenes with different genres of music, long tables for large communal dinners, children's distortion and a lot of other local events take place. No matter what type of music or party you are at, there is a party for everyone. The very special atmosphere of an entire urban space that parties together is an experience you do not get in many other places. If you do not want to miss the biggest street party of the year, you can stay in the middle of the party at Next House Copenhagen. In 2023, Distortion will take place from 31/5 - 4/6.

Strøm Festival

Strøm Festival is an annual electronic festival, offering a number of free concerts and music events with some of the biggest names in electronica. You can find the various events and scenes with music around the city, which offers both concerts and alternative installations with a focus on electronic music. Strøm Festival 2023 is expected to be held from 4-8 August.

Stella Polaris

Stella Polaris is known as Copenhagen's largest chill-out festival. The festival takes place in Frederiksberg Garden, where there is a cozy, relaxing and festive atmosphere in an electronic down tempo. The focus is on togetherness and great music. You can bring your own food and drink and enjoy the good vibes in great company. It is free to join. Stella Polaris takes place on 28-30 July and 5 August 2023.


Copenhell is the annual rock- and metal music festival on Refshaleøen, where you'll also find CPH Streetfood. Every year the doors opens in the raw industrial surroundings with partying, music and an impressive music program with some of the biggest names in the genre.

Both rock legends and exciting up and coming artists give wild concerts full of mosh pits and headbanging. If you are into rock and metal this is the festival, you don’t want to miss out on! You can easily warm up for the day at Next House Copenhagen, and as the central train station is right next door, you get easy transport directly to and from the festival. Hell breaks loose on 14-17/6 2023.

Copenhagen Jazz festival

Copenhagen Jazz festival is an annual music festival that pays tribute to Jazz music. The whole city sounds of festive jazz tones in squares, streets and venues, where you have the opportunity to hear music from all jazz genres, from the experimental, lively and to the cozy and intimate.

You can easily find a number of free outdoor concerts around the city. There’s also a number of event that requires a ticket. Take a walk around the city, feel the cozy atmosphere and enjoy the music. You can experience Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2023 from 30/6 until 9/7.