Experience Copenhagen K

Inner Copenhagen is one of the most visited areas of Copenhagen, where you will find many of the most popular sights such as Tivoli, Runde Tårn, Rådhuspladsen and many museums.

When you stay at Next House Copenhagen, it is all within walking distance, so you can easily get to the city center.

However, Copenhagen K also hides in many other beautiful and unique areas that are less touristy, but worth visiting when you are exploring inner Copenhagen, for example Larsbjørnsstræde.


The area around Larsbjørnsstræde in Inner Copenhagen is a charming part of the inner city that exudes life, history and has many exciting places to eat and shop.

The area is also known as Pisserenden from when the area was best known for window prostitution. Today, the area is known as a place where you can meet all kinds of subcultures and lifestyles, with a unique shopping and city life.

Explore among all the cool vintage shops, cozy bars and restaurants in one of inner Copenhagen's most vibrant neighborhoods. A real diamond in the rough in the heart of Copenhagen, a short walk from Next House Copenhagen.

When visiting Larsbjørnsstræde you don’t want to miss shops like Black No. 1, Fantask, Wasteland, FN92 Vintage, and end your visit with a cheap drink or beer at the bodega Floss.

Strøget & Købmagergade

If you are looking for the perfect place to go shopping, you have to visit Strøget, which is one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets with shops, cafes and restaurants. On Strøget you will find all the big well-known brands and international fashion houses. There are also many side streets to Strøget itself, which also offers many cozy shops and restaurants. The very large side street is Købmagergade that stretches from Strøget and down to Nørreport St, where you will also find sights such as Runde Tårn.

On Strøget there’s perfect shopping options for all budgets. It is also possible to see some of Copenhagen's popular sights from Strøget, such as Our Lady's Church, the courthouse, and many other of the city's landmarks.

You can also visit the historic department store Magasin Du Nord that is the perfect setting for a shopping experience completely out of the ordinary.