Experience Nørrebro

Nørrebro is one of Copenhagen's most diverse and colorful districts. The area exudes some of the most raw and genuine Copenhagen culture you can experience.

Nørrebrogade is the center street that goes through the entire area from Dronning Louise Bridge and all the way down to Nørrebro St. From here you can explore several side streets and alleys, all of which has many cool places for shopping, eating and partying.

If you are looking for an authentic and exciting guided tour, you can get a free digital city walking guide in either Danish or English with the app Storyhunt.

Assistens Cemetery

The characteristic yellow brick wall that you can spot along Nørrebrogade surrounds Assistens Cemetery. The cemetery is where some of history's greatest Danes are buried. Here you will find burial sites for e.g. H.C. Andersen, Niles Bohr, Søren Kirkegaard, H.C. Ørsted, Natasja Saad, Dan Turèll and many more.

Assistens Cemetery is also a park with benches and sunny areas that many locals use for walks, relaxation or as a hangout with friends. If you are looking for a different way to experience the area, try the Puzzle Walk from the Institute of Wonder, which lets you solve an exciting mystery while experiencing the area.

Nightlife in Nørrebro

Nørrebro has many cool places to go out. If you start at the beginning of Nørrebrogade, you’ll find BRAW Bar or LÉANOWSKI Bar, that are great places if you are looking for a good beer. You can also visit the Bip Bip Bar if you're in the mood for a drink surrounded by a cool retro game vibe, among pinball machines and retro arcade games.

Blågårdsgade is one of Nørrebro's most vibrant streets where there is always great nightlife. Here you will find a large selection of cozy venues and cool beer- and wine bars.

At outer Nørrebro, you’ll find Stefansgade which is a street full of life. Here, you’ll find both modern beer bars like Mikkeller & Friends, and one of Denmark's oldest pubs, Cafe Lille Peter, where you can get a really cheap beer and authentic Copenhagen bodega vibe. 

Hip and cozy Jægersborggade

Jægersborggade is a side street to Jagtvej, which ends at Stefansgade. The street stores a large selection of cool shops and eateries, and has a cozy atmosphere with the original bridge pavement and unique shop signs that hang over each store.

You will find an exciting mix of clothing stores both new, vintage and second hand, specialty shops, plant stores and not least cool food experiences such as the restaurant Grød, the ice cream shop Istid which makes Nitrogen-Ice, or a great cup of coffee from The Coffee Collective that you can enjoy in located Nørrebroparken directly across the street. 




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