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Vesterbro is a district that offers charm and history. The neighborhood offers cozy streets and alleys, and is one of the best neighborhoods to visit if you are looking for a place with an active city life and great eateries.

With the StoryHunt app you can get an exciting guided city walk on your mobile for free. A smart way to experience the district at your own pace, and learn a lot about the area's exciting history.


Istedgade is one of the streets in Copenhagen that has a long and variegated history, which still exudes the district today. Known as the former Red Light District of Copenhagen, the street stands like a diamond in the rough, with a diverse city life. It is an exciting street to visit, where you experience a large part of Copenhagen's history on your own.

There are a number of cool shops such as Kyoto, cafes and restaurants such as Sanchez and KAFFE, and not least, wine bars and pubs such as Vesterbro Vinstue and Mc.Kludd, all of which are always worth a visit when you are exploring Istedgade.

The Meatpacking Distric & Halmtorvet

The Meatpacking Distric and Halmtovet is an old historic area in Copenhagen, which has been transformed into one of Copenhagen's hippest places to walk in the city, at a bar and out to eat. The area is packed with some of the most popular places to go out, eat and drink. There are many good places to go to concerts and hear live music such as the venue Råhuset and Halmtorvet 9.

The Meatpacking Distric is especially a good place to go out in the evening and experience some of the most exuberant city life. The area has some of the city's most popular places to go party, such as Bakken, Jolene Bar and NOHO.


Værnedamsvej is a cozy little street with French vibes, located right on the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. The street is known for its intimate and cozy atmospheres reminiscent of the cozy alleys of Paris.

On Værnedamsvej you will find cozy cafes, specialty shops, delicacies, restaurants and wonderful wine bars such as Falernum. The street is often visited by locals, who are attracted by the charming urban space and atmosphere.

You will also find many cozy places to have a good bruch or lunch - here Les Trois Cochons is especially worth a visit, which completes the French style of the street.




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